Solo Mahjong
Solo Mahjong Casino Game
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Solo Mahjong is a Other game offered by Playtech games provider.

Fans of the traditional Oriental tile game of Mahjong will recognize this game, which can be played under Japanese or WMC rules. Those who don't know the game would be best advised not to even start unless they have boundless patience, as the in-game instructions served only to confuse me more when I consulted them.

You are given a hand of 13 tiles, which are adorned by characters representing different suits. Three of these suits are numeral (Bars, Won's and Dots) while two are letter suits (Dragons and Winds) There are a plethora of different ways that the tiles can be arranged to create a winning hand - sequentially, identically in groups of three or more.

The strength of your winning hand will govern your payout, being multiplied by your original stake. The strength of a hand is defined by the combinations of tiles drawn. You complete a hand by picking a tile out of the wall of tiles at the top of the screen - these tiles are face down, so its a matter of luck whether or not you get a suitable tile.

This game differs from Mahjong Pro in that you do not have to select a tile to discard from your own rack. As a novice, I can say that this version of the game seems easier, simply because I found myself winning considerably more often. That said, you may find that you gain more winning hands in Mahjong Pro if you are an experienced Mahjong player, as you will have more idea of which tiles to discard than I did. Perhaps the game would benefit from a live tutorial, which would show the player what they should be doing, what they need to look for and how to play the game with a bit of skill as opposed to luck. That said, the game board is visually engaging and worth a try if you've got time to sit down and really study the rules.

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