Slot symbols & bonus rounds

Today multiple payline games are the favorite of players who frequent the online slots. These give players multiple options to win and make the games even more exciting.

The latest trend that’s emerging is slot games that have a standard number of reels but with more paylines. The first game using this technology was the Marvel Movies series of a superhero slot game and what it did is used split symbols. In the Blade Marvel game, there is one symbol on the 5th reel that can technically be split in 2 and count as two different symbols. That payline does need to be enabled in order to function, but payouts do count as a 4 payline normally but when the split symbol appears it actually counts as a 6 symbol win. The split symbol isn’t just a greater way for players to win; it also adds some different effects with the Blade game. When the split symbol is activated, players are treated to watching Blade draw his sword and cut the symbol in half. Then, two smaller reels are formed!

While this trend started with only a 6 symbol payline, this has since been increased. Wagerworks even came out with a 10 symbol payline game. Noah’s Ark is the game, and it operates a little bit different than the Marvel one. This game is neat because what it does is uses single animals and pairs of animals, true to theme to make up the extra symbols for the larger payline. The additional paylines need to be activated and when that happens, the pairs of animals count as two different symbols as opposed to one. Even scatter symbols in this game as two symbols when the additional paylines are activated. Although there are split symbols, the game still plays through like any ordinary online slot game so it’s not something that players will be unfamiliar with.

Players will enjoy any changes simply because they’re new and exciting to them. Split paylines are only on a few slots so far, but they’ll surely be created by all software providers in time as this trend takes off and players will be looking for it!

Scatter Symbols

Slots are easily one of the most popular games to play at online casinos and actual casinos. Players of slots at online casinos are no strangers to symbols on those slot reels. Those symbols are an integral part of the game. Many times, some of the symbols are special, leading to bigger payouts than some others symbols on the reels. Slots players know this type of symbol as the scatter symbol.

For those that are not familiar with this term, the scatter symbol usually carries the same theme as whatever exciting slot game a player is spinning and wagering on. Some slot games even kick things up a notch and animate their scatter symbols. The main reason behind this is to differentiate these symbols from the others, as it does not function as any ordinary slot symbol.

Scatter symbols do not have to show up on an active payline to bring in some winnings for players. That is precisely why they are deemed "scatter symbols". However, scatter symbols should not be confused with wild symbols. Wild symbols merely serve as a stand in for any other symbol to give a player the winning combination they need. Wild symbols can’t replace scatter symbols however.

Players will find most online casinos that host slot games function with scatter symbols. These either pay out when three or more show up on the reels. Some even pay out with just two or more making an appearance. Players want to see these symbols for their payout will increase. An increased payout usually means more chances to keep playing and winning on those casino games.

Before selecting a slot game, it is always a good idea to first consult the payout table of the game. Many games list this information, telling players how much the scatter symbols pay. This creates an excitement some casino games don’t have, which could be why most casino goers love to play slots. Players are constantly keeping their eyes peeled for the scattering symbols, living on the edge with every spin.

With a scatter symbol payout, the total bet is multiplied. As it multiplies, players should try and play slots on multiple paylines. These allow for greater chances at hitting those large scatter symbol payouts.

Scatter symbols just keep on giving. Most online slots games use scatter symbols to trigger bonus games. Bonus games and rounds on slots tend to offer players even more chances for winning.

While playing slots can seem like a relatively simple game, there are symbols players must pay attention to after pressing that spin button. While most players are always searching for those wild symbols to complete the puzzle for a win, scatter symbols prove to be just as enticing. With multiplied bets and winnings, scatter symbols are rising in notice in the slot industry as some of the best casino bonuses are entwined in a game.

Slots Bonus Rounds

These bonus rounds produce additional winning chances along with the spin of a slot game. Online casinos offer so many different types of slot games that now players have to consider another element when selecting a game, bonus rounds.

It is important that players know what types of bonus rounds are offered with their slot games. There are two general categories of online slots bonus rounds. To start, some slot games have a "free spins" bonus round. A player doesn’t have to do too much thinking to figure out what kind of bonus round this means. As its name hints, players can win a number of free spins on the reels in this type of bonus round. These allow players to spin on their slot games without putting down wagers. Most games will vary just how many free spins they are handing out in their bonus rounds. The key word of these bonuses is without a doubt "free", enough incentive to try them.

Another aspect to these free spin bonus rounds is that often the payouts are multiplied several times. Games will vary just how many free spins they hand out along with how many of these "multipliers" they give. Some games fix the amount, while others factor in what combination triggered the free spin casino bonus round. Also, players should note if the game allows for the free spin bonus round to be only triggered just once, or re-triggered another time.

The other type of slot bonus round normally takes players out of the slot game and into another game. Bonuses are usually referred to as games that coincide with the theme of the slot game. This type of bonus round has the player perform some sort of task or make a selection that will determine how much the winnings will be. Many times this involves just selecting an object and behind that object, a number of credits lie. Other times, players can choose more than one object. They will either win the total amounts behind them or the object out of the two with the maximum amount.

While these bonus rounds sound all rosy and perfect, they do often have a twist. Sometimes, those objects will have dead winnings or traps. The game will end if a player selects those bad ones. While it depends on the game, players can lose all of their winnings here or just what they have collected in the bonus round.

Players should also know that bonus rounds on slot games could often have several different levels of games. If a player should surpass the first level, they can continue on to the second level and so on and so forth. No matter what type of slot game a player sits down to partake in, it is also important to know what bonus rounds the casino game offers and if they appeal to a player or not.

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