Online Slots Strategy

Keep in mind that when it comes to online slots strategy, there is not very much you can do in the way of making playing decisions to improve on your chances to win, as would be the case if you were playing something like video poker, blackjack, or even craps. Much of the strategy when you play slots online probably comes into play before you pull the lever (virtually speaking) for the first time. For one thing, it is important to shop around for the kind of online slots bonuses that, in the final analysis, will give you the best "bang for the buck" when you play slots online. Factors in this would include the percentage of deposit that will be accorded to your account in the form of a bonus, as well as the number of times you must wager the deposit plus bonus in order to cash the bonus in. This is known as a "wagering requirement" or a "play-through." Most players attribute any success they have playing video slots games to the wise choice of bonus programs that are available to them from an internet casino.

Those who profess to be "experts" in playing online slots, or even playing the games in a physical setting, will tell you the wisest way to actually conduct your play is to bet the maximum amount of coins, because of the fact that when you do manage to hit a winning combination, the payouts are proportionately much greater for those who have bet, say, five coins, as opposed to four coins. There is a lot of truth to this, as you will find when you play casino slots online, although you have to understand and recognize the concept of self-control. When you endeavor to play slots online, you do not want to be over-betting in relation to your bankroll in the online slots process. If you find that you are doing just that, you need to either scale back on the coin amount or find another game with lower minimums. This is important, as it will invariably impact how long you will actually be able to play. In that way, it is no different than the kind of money management you will employ in just about any other casino game, if you want to have a chance at winning. 

Of course, choosing the right online slots "machine" is important as well. If you have the opportunity, you should shop for different games when you play slots online. Take advantage of the kind of online slots competition that exists in the casino atmosphere before you actually play slots online. Some people like to find the games that feature the most paylines. Of course, to get a "maximum" bet into circulation, you must wager coins multiplied by the number of paylines, so in effect that raises the bet. Keep that in mind as well. What you have to determine is whether you are there to bet small amounts of money and it lasts for the sake of fun, or whether you want to give yourself a shot at making more, and play the higher amounts that will make that rare win worth your time. Don't automatically raise your bet levels just because you may have just scored a win on one spin. That can have a tendency to take you out of your bankroll. Think about whether you can set a "stop loss" figure that will limit what you can lose on any one game or in any one session. Do you have enough discipline to do so? We certainly hope you do.

Therefore to recap what we learned, slot games are of course games of luck; winnings are randomly determined and it’s impossible for players to know where the reels on the machine are going to land in order to provide them with a big payout when playing. As a result, there are no guarantees with slot strategies, and it truly isn’t a game of strategy either. Slots strategies are primarily focused upon helping players take their money that much further, and if they happen to win big along the way, then even better!

One great strategy for slots is to simply understand the different types of games and their advantages towards players!

1. Fewer reels increase the chances of winning - some strategies are as simple as knowing kind of game offers more chances of winnings. Of course, if a slot game only has 3 reels, then the odds are towards the player because they only need to get 3 of a kind together, rather than 4 matching reels. Players will never find a game with any less than 3 reels, so these are good games to try at online casinos!

2. Progressive slots aren’t great for the casual player - Progressive slots aren’t the best for players who have a smaller bankroll because they typically have at least 3 reels. Also, in order for players to win the maximum jackpot that is always in the rise, it’s necessary to bet the maximum number of coins for each pull. For video slot progressives, this can mean better upon multiple paylines or players will not be eligible to win the jackpot. Those who want to play progressives should try playing when the jackpots are higher

3. Benefits of different coin machines - the two major different types of machines are two coins or three coin machines. What it all comes down to is the potential payoff and the value that players may get for their bets. To win at a progressive jackpot, it’s necessary to bet the maximum, and the total jackpot available to players is dictated based on the number of coins that they bet. As a result, it’s better to bet on a 3-coin machine and either bet the maximum or bet even just one coin, because that makes them eligible for a bigger pieces of the jackpot than betting one coin on a four coin machine would. Of course, it’s also essential that players review the jackpots available on all progressives and see how much they have the chance to win with the bets they’re comfortable making.

4. The difference in number of paylines - paylines are functions of all video slot games and many games have different numbers of paylines. It’s possible for an online slots game to have only one payline, or as many as 20+. To help players understand the better strategy, this is a comparison between one payline and three payline games. One or two line games are the best value since they require players to put out less money, meaning less risk on the line. For those that want their bankroll to go further, larger payline games may not be worthwhile, though they can be a lot of fun so it’s up to players to decide what’s more important to them!

How a slots machine works

Slot machines are extremely popular, and that is because they happen to be very simple. There are not many things you have to learn to get the hang of slots online. And the process of play is not too involved, where you place your bets and then just let the reels spin until a conclusion. 

There are different kinds of machines, to be sure; there are three-reel machines and five-reel machines. There are classic slots and more complicated video slots. There are interactive slots, which actually bring more skill into the game than others might, and there are the progressive slots, where the only major difference is that they can pay some whopping jackpot totals. 

Formulating a bet is similar on almost all the slot games. You will pick a coin denomination, which could be anywhere from a  penny to a dollar, and multiply that figure by how many coins you want to play. Finally, you determine how many paylines you want to enable, and that constitutes your wager. 

Let's talk about what most slot machines have in common. Basically they are either three reels or five reels, and that governs the number of possible combinations that can be achieved, as does the number of symbols that actually appear on each of the reels. For example, if there is a game with twenty symbols on each reel and there are three reels, then you would have 8000 possible combinations. 

The machines of today work more on the basis of a "virtual reel" that is the by-product of a random number generator. That means you can see an almost limitless number of possible combinations. And as far as winning a payout is concerned, your chances may depend on how many paylines you enable. For every payline, it is another increment of your bet. So, for instance, if you are betting a coin denomination of 25 cents four times to generate a total of a dollar, and you use it to enable one payline, it would cost you $10 to enable ten paylines. 

To know which symbols are the most valuable; that is, which ones offer the best payouts,  just look at the pay table, which is either right in front of you or just a click away. It will let you know how many coins each of the combinations pays out. 

That table will also tell you which symbols are "wild" and which ones are "scatters." The wild symbol can be used to complete winning combinations; in fact, it will complete any winning combination except one that includes the scatter symbol. When you get scatters, they value for you no matter where they appear on the reels. And in most games, when you get three or more of them, you get to go to a bonus round. 

The way this works may differ according to the actual game that is being played, but if there are multiple bonus games available, there might be a separate bonus symbol that can take you to a specific bonus round. But once you get into a bonus round situation, you have the opportunity to make some additional cash that could help your chances in the long run. 

Understanding the Casino's Random Number Generator 

The "engine" that actually allows a slot machine to operate is called the Random Number Generator, otherwise known as the RNG. This obviously applies to any online casino slots game that you can play. And it makes it possible for you to play it. 

The RNG is, in effect, a computer chip under which the machine operates. The "R" stands for "random," which means that the symbols that appear on the reels will do so at random. So there is no "predicting" what is going to happen based on patterns that have already appeared. Every spin is different, and no single spin affects subsequent spins. In that way it is rather foolish for anyone to claim they have a "system" that can beat the random nature of the game. 

The RNG is a very complicated device that is always at work in slot games online, and the way it operates is that it selects a value that can be anywhere up to four billion and then basically translates that to a result that is going to be displayed on the reels. 

The player does not necessarily need to know how the RNG works, other than to know that it does indeed generate the end result when the reels stop. 

Each of the reels on a slots game online has a number of places which have the capacity to hold a symbol. In other words, it's where the reel can stop. Therefore, these places are known as physical stops. The physical machines themselves have a limited number of stops, but the virtual games can have an almost unlimited number. 

Remember that the number of possible combinations a slot game can bring up is derived by multiplying the number of stops that are on each reel. If there are 20, for example, you would just multiply 20 by 20 by 20 and you would come up with 8,000 possible combinations. That number of combinations really explodes when you increase the number of reels too; for example, if you had five reels and 20 physical stops on each one, you would have 3.2 million possible combinations. 

At that point, at least in theory, you would have a one in 3.2 million chance of any particular combination of symbols appearing on the reels. On a smaller scale, this is how the Daily Pick 3 lottery numbers come out. They selected one number, then another, and then still yet another. There are fewer possible combinations, and that is why there are usually a large number of winners of the Pick 3. If there are six lottery numbers being selected, on a wider scale; for example, from 1-50, then you are looking at much longer odds against anyone winning. 

If you can imagine it, the possible numbers are being picked at warp speed. And to use layman's terms, the RNG is moving all the time, so it is not just possible, but entirely probable that if you waited just a fraction of a second before clicking the "Spin" button on the online casino slots game, you would have a different result.

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