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In online slots, there is nothing more valuable than smart money management, because it is so important to be able to make your bets in proportion to your bankroll. You certainly don't want to burn your money out too soon when you play slots online. Online slots players who want to make their money last longer can do a number of different things, such as betting smaller (on many games you can bet, say, between a .25 coin and a $5 coin size), or by setting a speed control to "Slow" in order that, when they play slots online, the game proceeds slower or that the reels turn slower. You certainly want to be concerned about the payback rates on slot games. On many internet casino websites, you can get an idea of what the payback percentage on slots (and other games) is, as it is usually listed as the result of an audit from an independent third-party organization. Of course, these are blanket numbers and don't really tell you very much about what the specific slot games pay. You can't forget that cycles, for you (the player), are short-term, rather than long-term. And the free advice you get from most people about slots in physical casinos - that the "loosest" ones are those closest to where the most slot traffic will work - don't apply when talking about online casinos.

However, the good thing about being an casino slots player in the online casino world is that you can take advantage of the competition that exists between gaming outlets. To lure players to play slots online, they are always offering different bonus programs, better jackpots (particularly of the progressive variety) and strong payback rates. So shop around when you want to play slots online, and you'll start to discover things in online slots. You may be better off at a site that has a great many slot games, rather than one that has comparatively few. This way you can look for the kind of game that is to your liking. You may find that games with higher minimums and limits offer better payback, because they can afford to. Of course, you could never do a test like the independent firms do, but you may want to conduct your own short-run test, keeping track of the money you are putting forward, and determining how your payback rate compares to that "ballpark figure" you might expect the game to carry.

Remember to look for online slots that may have extras like bonus games, free spin games, or other incentives that can give you a shot at expanding on a win, thereby giving you more opportunities to get the most out of your money. You'll see a number of symbols on the reels when you play slots online. In online slots, it is said that a number of small payouts, which would be represented by a many symbols, is not necessarily a gain for those who play slots online because they're are not enough to overcome all the bets needed to achieve those wins. But the question arises - can you hit the biggest jackpot? If not, you have to stay in the game by hitting some medium-range jackpots. The problem with all of that, of course, if that many of the games are top-heavy, meaning that even though there might be a considerable jackpot for the highest winning combination, there is a precipitous dip to the next payout in size on the list. That is not necessarily the most desirable place to be. See our casino slots strategies page to learn more.

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