Slots Paylines, Tips and the “reel” story

Since slots is a game primarily based on luck, there are few slots strategies that are tried, tested and true that actually work at online casinos. Though there is one strategy that truly can help players have a better chance at winning the biggest jackpot available with any game. Unlike some slot strategies, wagering the maximum amount on the paylines may not guarantee winning, but when players do win they will hit the biggest payout offered.

With all online slots, the more a player bets in the game, the more they can expect to win. This is something that not all players know. They believe in some cases that if they hit the winning symbol combination that they will win the advertised winnings. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. In reality, the way a jackpot works is not really by a money amount, but actually as a coin amount. For example, a jackpot of 5000 coins means that a player who wagers $1 will win $5,000; if they wager $2 then they will win $10,000. In these cases, a player can wager on any number of slots paylines to win. However, to win the maximum jackpot is $50K, then players must place a bet on ALL paylines that the slot machine has. If it’s a 5-payline game, the player must wager all 5 paylines to win the max jackpot; if it’s a 20-line slot game, the player must wager ALL 20 paylines; if its game is a 50-payline slots game, then the player must bet ALL 50 lines; and so on. Therefore, playing with a bigger budget and playing all the slot’s paylines improves your chances of winning the maximum payout that any slot game features.

This basic structure applies whether players are playing fixed jackpot games or slots games with progressive jackpots. It’s always a good idea to bet the maximum to get the biggest jackpot on offer. This is particularly important with progressive jackpot games, however. While fixed jackpot games may be based upon coin amounts, progressive jackpot games don’t have the same tiered structure. Players are either eligible for a much lower fixed jackpot, or the top progressive jackpot. Many games that have a progressive jackpot that goes past the million dollar mark has a fixed jackpot around a mere $10K. In order to hit the maximum, they’ve got to wager the maximum. What this means on a video slot game is betting the maximum number of coins (and the maximum betting amount) for each payline on the slot game.

There are some progressive jackpot games that are an exception to the maximum betting rule. Random progressive jackpots do not rely upon the amount players have bet, and they don’t require a specific combination to appear on the reel. The jackpot is delivered totally at random. The benefit to players with a lower bankroll is that they aren’t left out of the opportunity to win. However, betting more can still have a benefit because the chances of the random jackpot being hit actually increases – though it is still random so the chance is only so different.

Betting big can also have an advantage to players that have bonus rounds and an associated bonus bet. With these games, the bonus round that can vastly increase the winnings is only triggered if the optional bonus bet is placed. So without this, like with progressive jackpots, the maximum winnings cannot be won.

So, the moral of the story for players is if they want to win the largest jackpots available, then they need to bet either the maximum amount that the game allows or at least the most that their bankroll dictates.

Online Slot Tips

In online slots, there is nothing more valuable than smart money management, because it is so important to be able to make your bets in proportion to your bankroll. You certainly don't want to burn your money out too soon when you play slots online. Online slots players who want to make their money last longer can do a number of different things, such as betting smaller (on many games you can bet, say, between a .25 coin and a $5 coin size), or by setting a speed control to "Slow" in order that, when they play slots online, the game proceeds slower or that the reels turn slower. You certainly want to be concerned about the payback rates on slot games. On many internet casino websites, you can get an idea of what the payback percentage on slots (and other games) is, as it is usually listed as the result of an audit from an independent third-party organization. Of course, these are blanket numbers and don't really tell you very much about what the specific slot games pay. You can't forget that cycles, for you (the player), are short-term, rather than long-term. And the free advice you get from most people about slots in physical casinos - that the "loosest" ones are those closest to where the most slot traffic will work - don't apply when talking about online casinos.

However, the good thing about being a casino slots player in the online casino world is that you can take advantage of the competition that exists between gaming outlets. To lure players to play slots online, they are always offering different bonus programs, better jackpots (particularly of the progressive variety) and strong payback rates. So shop around when you want to play slots online, and you'll start to discover things in online slots. You may be better off at a site that has a great many slot games, rather than one that has comparatively few. This way you can look for the kind of game that is to your liking. You may find that games with higher minimums and limits offer better payback, because they can afford to. Of course, you could never do a test like the independent firms do, but you may want to conduct your own short-run test, keeping track of the money you are putting forward, and determining how your payback rate compares to that "ballpark figure" you might expect the game to carry.

Remember to look for online slots that may have extras like bonus games, free spin games, or other incentives that can give you a shot at expanding on a win, thereby giving you more opportunities to get the most out of your money. You'll see a number of symbols on the reels when you play slots online. In online slots, it is said that a number of small payouts, which would be represented by many symbols, is not necessarily a gain for those who play slots online because they are not enough to overcome all the bets needed to achieve those wins. But the question arises - can you hit the biggest jackpot? If not, you have to stay in the game by hitting some medium-range jackpots. The problem with all of that, of course, is that many of the games are top-heavy, meaning that even though there might be a considerable jackpot for the highest winning combination, there is a precipitous dip to the next payout in size on the list. That is not necessarily the most desirable place to be. 

So we wish we could tell you that we are able to supply you with some tips that would help you be a winner in the long run in slot machine gambling, but we can't. However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel, in that we can offer you some suggestions that will help you get a little more value out of the games and perhaps even reduce any deficit you may have. 

Obviously certain tips apply to the so-called brick-and-mortar casino, while others are more appropriate for playing the online slot machine. Either way, it is sage advice. 

Perhaps the best tip that can be offered to players as they participate at physical casinos is to get a player's card and use it. The card is not going to help you win, but it can help you get value in other ways. For example, it can work toward getting comps from the casino, for meals and shows, and it can be good for discounts at any number of things. In short, it can go a long way toward making frequent slot machine gambling worth your while. 

When you're talking about the online slot machines, the equivalent of this in the virtual casino is the VIP program, where players can earn points for frequent action, eventually redeeming those points for cash they can actually use. Most casinos allow their customers to enroll in these programs upon signup, so it is possible to start earning points right away. 

Another slot tip that is mandatory is to read the pay tables that are available to you on the machine. They are in plain view, and tell you straight out which combinations are winners, and what they pay. They can also help you make a decision on which online slot machine to play, because you may find that you prefer to go with smaller payouts that may be achieved with more frequency than the larger ones. Making a quick study of the pay table is something that really comes in handy. 

As almost anyone who is familiar with slot machines gambling will tell you, it is not a good idea to get involved playing a progressive slot game unless you are prepared to wager the maximum number of coins on each spin of the reels. Failure to do so is a waste of your time and money, because in nearly all cases, you are not going to be eligible for the jackpot unless you do it. 

And if you are lucky enough to have won a jackpot, no matter the size, perhaps you may want to consider putting some of it aside and taking it out of circulation, so to speak. That way you know you'll have some money to take away from your session. You should have plenty of bankroll left to have a good time. Remember, money management is so important when you play online slot machines. The action goes so fast that sometimes you can lose track of what you have. Keep an eye on your money!

As we said online slot strategies are not guaranteed; because of course winning happens completely at random. However, the most basic slot strategies do focus upon helping players extend their bankroll when they play that way their money goes farther as they play their favorite casino games.

By trying some of these slot tips, players can spend more time having fun while they hope to win big!

1. Check payout percentages - information about the payout percentages should be listed on every game at an online casino. Players can also consult online casino reviews that feature the game they want to try out for a better feel of the potential to win!

2. Know the reputation of each game - again, by reading independent reviews, players can learn whether certain online slot games are known for being tight or loose. This refers to how often they pay, and how well they pay when they do.

3. Take advantage of player’s clubs - VIP and player’s clubs often present players with casino bonuses such as cashback on losses or bonuses on subsequent deposits. Since often player’s clubs are free, and don’t always require an invitation to join, it’s a great way for players online to take advantage and help their money go farther!

4. Bet the maximum - the best way to hit the big jackpot on any slot game is to bet the maximum number of coins. This doesn’t mean that players need to spend a lot; they simply need to choose a game where the maximum bets are within their bankroll.

5. Visit the single payline games - playing video slots that have more than a dozen paylines can get pricey when players try to bet the maximum to hit the big jackpot. Choosing those with just one, or a couple of paylines can allow players to be the maximum without allowing the betting amounts to become too high.

6. Avoid progressive games - progressive jackpot slot games may have some of the higher jackpots, but for the smaller wins, often it’s not worthwhile for players with a small bankroll.

7. Set a budget - when a player logs on to play at an online casino, it’s important to have a limit in mind. Once that amount has been bet, regardless of winnings, players should walk away and try again another day so they leave ahead!

8. Move on from a machine - many players believe that if they’ve bet a certain amount while playing at a specific casino game and haven’t won anything substantial, then it’s time to move on!

9. Try out a high roller machine if it suits the bankroll - players who want to win big and have a high bankroll can try out the high roller machines. They often promise a bigger payout, and even one pull or two can help players to win. But, if it takes them out of the game if not wins are achieved after one or two pulls, then players should be choosing something with a lower denomination

10. Choose casino games that are enjoyable - even when trying out popular strategies, there is no guarantee of winning, so players need to try and have fun and focus on playing games they enjoy, not just the ones that promise the chance of a/b.

Slots - The Reel Story

In the beginning, slot machines gambling was a rather simple thing, and that is understandable since the machines were devised in the 19th Century. They had ten symbols on each of the reels and three reels that spun around as the player waited for them to stop. 

Simple arithmetic tells us that there were 1000 possible combinations to be had (10x10x10), and on these machines the payouts amounted to a total of 750 coins. Out of this was derived a 25% advantage on the part of the house, and theoretically, the prizes were drinks from the hospitality establishment in which the slot was located, although that was only if somebody was looking; most of the time winners were paid in cash, which made the slot machine a special attraction. 

The makers of slot machines wanted to create the possibility for more combinations in the game, as well as more possibilities for the player to win. So what they did was increase the number of symbols on each reel, as well as the number of reels. A total of 22 symbols was once the standard, but this had to be increased since, after all, how many reels can you possibly spread across a screen? 

The concept of the "virtual reel" was devised in 1984, and the patent for this was acquired by one of the leading slot manufacturers in the world, International Game Technology (IGT). What this did was take slot machines to another dimension. In this particular instance, the number of symbols on each of the reels could be greatly increased. Keep in mind that we are not talking about different symbols, but different "stops" on the reel, which are also known as "virtual stops." This literally means a place on the reel where it can stop. Could there be over 500 virtual stops on one reel in a video slot game? You bet there could be, and when you take this and multiply it over five reels, you can imagine how many different possibilities there are. 

In fact, do you realize that if there are 512 virtual stops on a single reel (which can be derived by taking two to the ninth power) you can have over 130 million different combinations on a three-reel machine alone? That is indeed astounding. It changes slot machine gambling a great deal, and it is one of the things that allows the games to have such massive jackpots. 

So what you might do is to calculate the total number of combinations on a given machine, and subtract the total number of payouts that machine is going to have, and you will be able to determine the "return" to the players in that machine. To be simple about it, if you had  262,144 combinations on a machine, and represent them as one-dollar bets, and the machine's total payouts for that given number of combinations was $235,000, then the return to players would be just a shade under 90% (89.64%, to be exact). If you changed certain symbols and their frequency on the virtual reels you would also wind up with a different return number. 

And that's the way it works in video slot games and others. Thankfully, all you have to do is click the "spin" button and collect!

How to read a slot machine

Can you actually "read" a slot machine for signs that would tell you whether the machine is worth playing? Yes, you can, and you are well-advised to do so. These are some of the barometers you might want to take a look at when you consider a particular game. 

The good part is that not only are these things valid when you step into the physical casino, but they also apply when you play slot machines online as well. 

What you want to do right off the bat is look at the machine to see if the "shot" is too much for you to take. What we mean by that is, look at the minimum in the way of coin denomination. You don't want to be caught playing a dollar machine if your bankroll really supports a nickel or quarter machine. Remember, when you look at how a bet is formulated, you are taking the coin denomination, multiplying it by the number of coins you are going to play, and then multiplying it again by the number of paylines you are looking to enable. 

When you run into a multiplier machine you are basically looking at a machine that is going to pay you in proportion to the number of coins you play. So, for example, you play one coin and get paid five coins back; for two coins you'll get ten, and for three coins you'll get 15. That is pretty straightforward. Then there is the next step up from that, which is the "bonus multiplier." Here you might get paid five coins with a one-coin bet, ten coins for a two-coin bet, but fifty coins for a three-coin bet. Do you see what we're saying? You are absolutely being encouraged in a game like this to bet the maximum number of coins. This is something that is important to know when you play slot machines. 

We mentioned the term "paylines" at the top of the story. These are literally the lines across which a winning combination can "score" for you. In the so-called traditional games there are one to three paylines. But when you play slot machines online you discover that the games are sophisticated enough to the point where you could be enabling a whole lot more. So if you have a game where you can enable 40 paylines, that gives you 40 ways to win.

Of course, it also requires that you place a bet for each of those forty paylines. keep in mind that you will not get paid on any winning combination if the payline it appears on has not been activated by you. That is a basic principle to remember when you play slot machines, but if you are adventurous you may want to look for the number of paylines a game has available. 

Progressives are another possibility, and some players tend to think that there is a "get rich quick" opportunity here. Can you make a big score? Yes, you can. But you may find out that the payouts on the other combinations are a little lower than usual, to make up for the money that goes for the jackpot.

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