Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive games are those that offer progressive jackpots which are jackpots that continue to grow and grow as percentages of each wager that are made are set aside and placed into a pool for that specific purpose. Progressive slots are the most prominent example of this. People enjoy progressive games because they are kind of like the lottery, in a sense; the jackpot in progressive slots, for example, does not have a cap - it just keeps getting bigger and bigger until some lucky player comes along to win it. Obviously there is quite a bit of excitement associated with it, both in the anticipation created by the build-up as the progressive jackpot grows, and jubilation as the winning player takes home a whole lot of money. It is one of the great phenomena of internet gaming, and often produces a lot of useful publicity that online casinos use in their marketing campaigns.

The funds for progressive games are often generated through networking a very large number of games. Progressive slots can be "fed" with available money across a number of different casino brands as well. This allows progressive games to accumulate the progressive jackpot quicker and more dramatically, and that is a major attraction for players to become involved. It's almost like free money, as progressive slots pay out a return that is exponentially huge when compared with what the player is wagering. And it is no wonder that there are legions of players who gear up for these games alone, developing strategies that they hope are going to land them in the winner's circle, and a spot on Easy Street. They are not for the faint of heart, and not for those who can not exhibit patience, however, so please be forewarned.

Progressive games give people a shot at the real "dream" payout in the internet gaming world. To win a progressive jackpot on something like a progressive slot can make anyone an instant millionaire. There are some progressive games that may not pay off at such a rate as the big-bucks progressive slots, but are pretty lucrative anyway. These are the ones that are termed "stand-alones," in that they may not network with a bunch of other games or connected casinos, but offer a progressive jackpot that is generated from that slot game alone. For every wager that is made on the game, the jackpot grows. Sure, the money is not as big, but is there anyone who would refuse it? You know the answer to that question. Improve your game with online progressive jackpot strategies.

Certainly it is fair to say that most progressive games fit into one category. They are more often than not progressive slots, but that doesn't mean that there is not a lot of excitement generated by other games. Besides progressive slots, there are also progressive games that adapt themselves to video poker, blackjack, roulette and Caribbean Stud. Of course, the rules of winning these jackpots vary. In video poker, the royal flush is usually the means through which a progressive jackpot can be won. And to add a special twist to the proceedings, sometimes that royal flush must actually be sequential from left to right on the video poker screen. In other words, it has to read 10-J-Q-K-A from left to right. The odds are long, we know, but it's quite an accomplishment when it is pulled off. And it IS pulled off - you can see notices of people winning progressive jackpots every day. If you win one, please let us know, and be careful spending the money!

Multi-Level or Multi-Tier Progressive Jackpots

Most progressive jackpots are featured on slot games, and these can either have fixed jackpots or progressives; the latter means the total jackpot available increases the more people play. Every time a player places a wager, a part of it goes towards making the jackpot larger. There are different types of progressive jackpots as well. Another type of progressive games is called ‘multi-level progressive jackpot’ games. These add a little bit more excitement, and in some ways, even more chances for players to win too.

The multi-level, or as some software providers name them, multi-tier progressive jackpots have multiple jackpots that players can win. Many progressive jackpot games have four levels and some of them are larger jackpots than others. The way players win the different levels of games depend upon the specific game.

Some of the specific online casino games that have multi-level jackpots include Mega Moolah and Summertime from Microgaming and some of the Marvel Jackpot games from the software provider Playtech. Each of these games demonstrate a unique way to hit the different levels of jackpots.

With Mega Moolah, it depends upon the bonus game which begins randomly. In the bonus game, players can spin a particular wheel that has 4 sections, each of a different color. It’s the bonus round that determines which jackpot players are able to play for and that all depends on which color on the wheel that’s landed on. Then, once they hit the jackpot symbols on the reel, that jackpot is won. With the Mega Moolah game there is a top jackpot of 1 million, then $10,000, $100 and $10. Sometimes, more than one game is linked to the same multi-level jackpot which is the case with another game of the same theme, Moolah 5 reel drive.

The Marvel Jackpot games from Playtech are extremely popular because of their theme, but what adds to the experience for players is the fact that there are also the multi-level jackpots. With these games, nothing determines which jackpot players will win; everything is completely random. The top non-progressive jackpot with this game is 5,000 and there is also 500 and 50 up for grabs by players.

Players like the multi-level progressive jackpots because they do add to the excitement greatly. Progressive jackpots give players the chance to win bigger pots than they might in a fixed jackpot game, but there is more to it than that with these kinds. There is a lot more suspense in these games since players never know which jackpot they may win. This creates a greater gamble for those who are up for it. It also offers something a bit different for those who enjoy the slots , but find that they can get a little old without more interaction. Of course, the money never hurts either, and this is just one more way that players might have the chance to hit it big!

Online Casino Slot Game Makeovers

The online casino industry and casino software providers are in a constant state of updating and making changes to games. This is especially true with online slot games. Slot games have gone from flat and boring to more animated and exciting with changes to graphics and the addition of audio and visual effects. Many popular online casino software providers want to stay ahead of the competition by adding new gaming features to their slots games. This lends itself to players eventually ceasing game play with many old favorites and the commencing of trying out new casino games.

Despite the changes going on, there is still some staying power in the industry. Many slot games have established a brand value that software developers don’t want to lose. However, these older slot games cannot generally compete with the technology, graphics and features on newer slots games. Many online casino software providers are turning to the solution of just making over the older casino games, giving them a face-lift of sorts so that they keep their brand value but possess new features and technology.

Many online slots providers and casinos have gone under the knife with their slot games, revamping and making over different elements. Some of these include Microgaming’s Thunderstruck 2 and Diamond Valley. Many of these games are now being called by their original name, still maintaining that brand value, but taking on a “II” or “Pro”. For example, Diamond Valley’s makeover lent it the new version Diamond Valley Pro.

One of the biggest makeovers has come on Playtech’s Captain’s Treasure slot game. The game now goes by Captain’s Treasure Pro. As more and more casino games took on this pirate theme, Captain’s Treasure began to lose popularity to games with the latest technology and features. In order to save face in the pirate themed slot game sector, Captain’s Treasure had to make some changes and major ones at that.

The Captain’s Treasure Pro retained many of the same symbols as Captain’s Treasure, but increased payline from 9 to 20. Captain’s Treasure Pro also took on 3D graphics as opposed to the flat 2D of the original game in Captain Treasure. Captain’s Treasure Pro also comes with exciting animations and gameplay, far beyond the old version.

In seeing the changes across online casinos, many players can see slot games have probably changed the most out of the lot. Many of these games have just reinvented themselves a bit with edgier and more complicated graphics along with enhanced gaming experiences through audio and visual displays. Some slots games like Captain Treasure Pro have even added new bonuses its original did not have. These changes have either been small with just updated graphics or a complete revamp with new graphics, increased paylines and additional bonuses the original games didn’t have. As technology continues to change, so too will slot games as casino software providers never want to be behind the times and losing players to more cutting edge games.

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