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Tropezia Palace Tropezia Palace
$3,000  Info
Lucky Nugget Casino Lucky Nugget Casino
$300  Info
21 Grand Casino 21 Grand Casino
$2,000  Info
Euro Palace Euro Palace
$300  Info
Casino La Riviera Casino La Riviera
$220  Info
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Online Craps
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Craps is a popular dice game that is played against many other players or against a bank. A game of Craps was developed from a simplified version of the famous game hazard that was primarily played in the Old British period. Play this craps game for free or real money at the best online casinos. Read the full game review

Casino Craps

Online craps is another very popular casino game. Craps however is not a game of chance and in order to win you will need to develop your skills, strategy and knowledge. When you play craps online you will find that the basic structure of the game is fairly simple. In online craps, you place a bet, roll the dice and then see if your number comes up. When knowledge and skill come in is in the betting field. This can be quite complicated and you will be looking at a lot of numbers and symbols. Many beginners to online craps find that these betting lines on the table can be overwhelming.

Craps games being with an opening round where players can make bets on the Pass Line or the Don’t Pass Line. It you make a Pass Line bet you will be betting that the shooter (the person rolling the dice) will roll a seven or an eleven on their first roll. If you win on the pass line you will earn even money so if you bet $10 you win another $10. If the shooter rolls a two, three or twelve the Pass Line bet loses.

If a different number is rolled in the starting round it becomes what is called the Point and it will be displayed on the top row of the table. The dealer will then mark this number as ON. The shooter must now try to roll this number again. If he does he wins and he can continue rolling the dice. If the shooter gets a seven before he gets his point number he is out. A new round will begin with a new shooter.

After a shooter gets his points number the Come/Don’t Come bet round starts. It may all sound a little complicated just reading this but as you play craps online you will discover that it is easier than it sounds. There are other bets that can be placed in craps games and these include the odds bet and the horn bet. A online craps guide to playing this game will give you all the information that you need.

If you want to win craps games it is important that you identify the basic wagering options that are on offer before you place a bet. This will help to increase your payouts should you win. You also need to play smart craps strategy and manage your bankroll effectively.

There are plenty of online casinos that will offer free craps games. These are great because they allow you to practice and hone your skills. Free craps games allow you to develop winning craps strategies and once you have them perfected you can then begin playing for real cash.

Online craps could essentially be considered a game of chance but there are some tips and techniques that you can use to improve your chances of winning. When you decide to play craps online you need to know how to place smart bets and learn how to avoid those bets that increase the house edge and have a low probability of being rolled. You will also need to be familiar with all the terms used in this game. These include field bets, prop bets and hard and easy numbers.

Once you learn the basics of online carps you will find that this really is a fun and entertaining game. Remember if you are new to playing online craps it is worth taking you time and learning about the rules and strategies used in craps games. You can play craps online for free at most online casinos and this will allow you to get a taste for the game and see exactly what is required before you play online craps for real cash.

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