Introduction to Online Casinos

With our casino guide section, we aim to give players and potential participants who are contemplating gambling online for the first time, all the information they need to make wise decisions when gambling online.

Here are five things you need to know before playing at an online casino, which may be useful to new players or those considering their first online casino account. Read the article or watch this video guide.

Whether you are looking for an online casino to play at, you are wondering how casino bonuses and games work, or if you need to know how to avoid gambling addiction or be aware of the dangers of gambling, this section is where you will find all the answers.

We will cover the following topics:

- Which online casino is the best for you? - An overview of casino bonuses - Mathematical foundations of gambling - Game guides for each type of casino game - Gambling problems and safe gambling tips

Which online casino is the best for you?

With several thousand online casinos available in the world, it’s difficult to differentiate between them. That’s why our team tracks new casino openings and reviews all casinos. With new casino websites emerging each month your options keep growing, however it’s also important to note that not all casinos are available to all countries. Therefore we show you a selection of casinos that you can play at from your country of residence.

Choosing the perfect casino to play at for online gambling is important because casinos differ greatly in the features they offer and how they treat their customers. However, one of the most important characteristics a casino should have is they treat their players fairly.

An overview of casino bonuses

A bonus is a way for sites to attract new players, and they generally seem very tempting. That's why the offer was created in the first place. No deposit bonuses offer you something to play for free, while deposit bonuses provide you with funds to play with. 

However, bonuses usually behave like an agreement between the casino and the player, which refers back to the terms and conditions. The latter define your interaction with the bonus, and enable you to see what you can win from the offer. The rules are important and it’s possible that bonuses and potential winnings won't be paid out to you if you ignore them.

Below are some bonus rules you can expect:

Playthrough requirements – It's not just as easy as withdrawing your bonus money. There are a number of requirements that must always be met, including wagering requirements.

Max Bet - Playing with bonus funds can have a limit on the maximum amount you can bet.

Max Win - With some free-money bonuses and some deposit bonuses, the amount of real cash you can win is usually restricted too.

Country restrictions – bonus is usually available only to players in a particular nation.

Game restrictions - Games, which do not count toward wagering requirements and may result in your winnings being canceled altogether, are typically restricted in their choices when playing with bonus funds. Bets placed on these games can even result in your winnings being canceled altogether.

Mathematical foundations of gambling

The ‘house edge’ is embedded in all casino games, giving the casino a distinct advantage. This makes casinos profitable, as casinos need to be to stay in operation, and this advantage is present in all casino games.

In most cases, the theoretical return to player (RTP) is limited to below 100%. With very specific exceptions, this percentage is usually lower.

For example: Say the house edge of slots game is is 2.7%. This means the casino makes $2.70 from your $100 wager, therefore the slot would have a statistical expected return of 97.3%. But it’s important to remember that RTPs are long-term statistical values that may change greatly from round to round. However, with increasing numbers of games, they will tend to approach the expected RTP.

This can mean two important things:

First - possibly, despite the odds being stacked against them, players can make short-term gains and get lucky; however, if they keep playing, they are bound to find themselves in the negatives soon enough.

Secondly - Casinos carry this risk because gamblers may be lucky and win, but for the vast majority, they carry a big pool of bets. This will ensure that the house edge averages out well.

Game guides for each type of casino game

There are many types of games available at online casinos, which can be found in a huge variety of designs. Each game may vary in its complexity, so not all games will appeal to beginners.

Slots are easy to play because you are made to follow a simple procedure such as clicking a “Spin” button. Then watch as the reels spin until the result has been determined.

However, games like blackjack and video poker demand making decisions. The real RTP of these games is incredibly high if you make correct decisions. However, they will progressively become smaller and smaller if you make bad decisions.

We have prepared a series of articles on some of the most popular casino games you can play for free as well as with some additional strategies to help you play them the best you can.

Slot machines Roulette Blackjack Video poker Baccarat

Gambling problems and safe gambling tips

An individual who has experienced problem gambling, also referred to as gambling addiction, may lose both their financial situation as well as other aspects of their lives if left untreated. This should give you pause and make you approach online gambling as well as gambling in land-based venues with caution.

Try not to consider gambling not as a form of making money, but an enjoyable way to pass time while earning some extra dollars. Many people have lost their lives trying to make money in casinos. The earlier section about gambling math demonstrates why it's impossible to win money this way.

More information on safe gambling can be found in our article on how to bet responsibly and the other principles you should keep in mind while playing.

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