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Moneybookers Information
Name Moneybookers
U.S. Players No
Deposits Instant
Support Yes
Moneybookers Rating:
0 / 10

ANNOUNCEMENT: Moneybookers has re-branded to Skrill casinos.

Many players are facing some challenges as they try to fund their online casino accounts. Since so many casinos will not accept credit cards as a payment method, players are forced to find alternative means to funding their player accounts. In addition, many casinos will not accept players from the US, but for those that do, the players also cannot use their credit cards as a form of payment to the casino. There are many financial institutions that have placed limits on the amount that players can deposit into an online casino account. Moneybookers is a different payment method that is currently accepted by many Moneybookers online casinos around the world. It works as a third-party transfer method so that the player will have the ability to use this as their chosen payment method when funding their Moneybookers casino accounts.

There is no cost for players to sign up for a Moneybooker account. However, some fees will be taken when players to make a transaction. There a few ways players can fund their Moneybooker account. The most popular include using credit cards and transferring money directly from a bank account.

Moneybookers Online Casinos
Moneybookers is a reliable, safe and secure way for players to deposit money into an online casino account and since it’s virtually impossible not to find an online casino accepting Moneybookers, its one of the most popular casino payment method. To sign up for a Moneybookers account, players will have to have their Social Security number validated. This is for security purposes only. By validating the number, players will be protected and it helps to avoid other people from creating accounts with false names and personal information. Players should be aware that it may take a few days to transfer money from a bank account to Moneybookers because there is a validation process that will take place.

There are two ways a player can set up a Moneybooker account. They may go directly to the website and begin the sign up process, or the player can sign up through the casino cashier. When using the casino to sign up, players will have to download the software, create an account and then pay a visit to the cashier. The cashier will then ask for specific information and the payment method is then selected. When Moneybookers is chosen, players will be prompted to enter their account information. Once the process is complete, the player may make a transaction to the online casino and begin playing.

Moneybookers Casino Bonus

A Moneybookers online casino not only provides the ease and security players are looking for, but there are other benefits as well. Most all Moneybookers casinos will offer a bonus to players who fund their accounts using Moneybookers. Since this is a preferred method of payment, many casinos will urge players to select this casino banking method. The online casino will post the information regarding available bonuses on their website.

Moneybookers online casino payment solution, though commonly used to fund online casino accounts, can also be used for making other purchases online. There are many popular sites, including EBay, that accept this form of payment. Players can now use a single payment method for all online transactions, including the funding of their online casino accounts.

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