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Keno is a Other game offered by Playtech games provider.

Keno is a bit like Bingo, except you get to pick your own numbers. The more numbers you pick, the higher the potential payout. A popular casino game in Las Vegas, the game of Keno is believed to have originated over 2000 years ago in China; although back then they didn't play it on computers.

In this version of Keno, you may wager a dollar amount between $1 and $5, rising in increments of a dollar at a time. After choosing your stake, you then pick up to ten numbers by clicking on them on an illuminated screen. At the side of this screen you are reminded of the amounts that will be paid out depending on your numbers being picked. If you have chosen ten numbers, for example, the computer returning all ten numbers will see you getting a payout of 10,000 times your stake. The computer picks twenty numbers in total, and you can one round or five with a single click

10,000 times your stake sounds quite good, and well it should because the chances of picking ten of the twenty computer-generated numbers are frankly minuscule. If you like Bingo but wish you had a bit more control over the numbers then Keno might just be for you. So, for that matter, might electroshock therapy. It's an incredibly fine line. If you find yourself choosing spreads of numbers based on where you think the computers choices have been clustered, you will quickly realize that this is an entirely forlorn hope.

You're as likely to get a major payout from picking completely at random, as this is entirely a game of chance. Once you get to grips with that, it is entertaining enough, though my advice would be to play five games at a time, as continually clicking grows annoying quickly.

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