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Name Visa & Mastercard
U.S. Players Yes
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Credit Cards
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9 / 10
Many people who play online casino games will use their credit cards to fund a casino account. Credit cards have become a popular method of payment for any purchases that are made online. Most people are very comfortable with making payments with a reliable credit card. Visa and MasterCard are the most commonly used cards and they are accepted be retailers and merchants around the world. However, when it comes to using a credit card at an online casino, things can become a bit complicated. There are some credit card companies that have refused to honour any transaction that is made to an online casino and other companies will place a limit on how much a player can transfer to the casino on a monthly basis.

There are still many online casinos that state they will accept a credit card as a form of payment. However, the final decision is not up to the casino at all. It lies in the hands of the credit card company. The limits that are associated with the use of credit cards at an online casino are not security measures. Reputable gambling sites offer extreme protection of personal information.

Many credit card companies are not willing to issue the funds for any transaction to an online casino because the company is well aware that they may be lending money to a person who is establishing, or already has a gambling problem. In the eyes of banks, this means that the holder of the credit card might be a high risk individual and may not be able to pay back the amount of money that has been borrowed. As a result, the rates for transactions to online casinos are typically very high.

There is another issue in regards to credit cards that relates to players from the US. US players are no longer allowed to play at licensed casinos that are based in the US, as well as many casinos that are international. The result is that Visa and MasterCard has tried to enforce this legislation by making sure that no individual will be able to make any transaction to an online casino at all.

Prior to attempting to use a credit card at an online casino, players should check their policy with their bank to determine if the transaction will even be allowed to pass through. Banks will be able to provide an answer to this question which will reduce some of the problems players may face when trying to deposit into their online casino account.

If players are allowed to use their credit cards, the process is very simple. The casino will allow the transaction to be made with no additional fees and the card will be registered with the casino by entering all relevant information in the payment section. If players carry a balance, most casinos will not allow them to change credit cards, but once the balance has returned to zero, players will be able to add a new card to their account.

While some players may still be able to use a credit card to fund their online casino accounts, there are some negative aspects to doing so. Many casinos will not give players the deposit bonus that is offered if they are funding their account with a credit card.

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