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Craps Strategy

Online craps does not have a positive expectation for the player, but you can help to reduce the house edge by the way you play. Unlike roulette, the bets that are made in when you play craps online differ widely in the house odds. For example, in online craps, the pass line bets are the ones that have the best chance of winning, while the proposition gets are the biggest longshots. Obviously, if you were to wager exclusively on prop bets, your long-term expectation would be much less than if you bet only on pass line and come bets, and your losses would accumulate at a faster rate. Since, arguably, craps is among the most complicated of casino games, what would be best before you learn any craps strategy is to have a thorough command of the rules, and the plethora of betting options that are available.

There are many different strategies you can employ in online craps, and the best one for you to use really depends on how aggressive you want to be. As far as how to play craps online, we won't go over all the different playing strategies, but suffice it to say that many experts believe it is not bad policy to always be in action with a a wager on the pass line and two come bets. Also, when you play craps online, single odds are advisable in the process of starting out a session, and in the event you get ahead you may want to move up to double odds, then continue to go from there in the online craps game. You'll have to check with whatever individual version of casino craps you are playing to determine what is available to you (e.g., free odds, 10x odds, etc.).

Once again, in online craps, please think twice about the proposition bets. These include the "hardway" bets and the "one-roll" bets (any seven, any craps, etc.) when you play craps online. In online craps, these wagers have a much larger house edge than other bets, as do the "Field" bets, which should also be avoided if you want to compete at optimum efficiency as you play craps online. Another thing that can not be emphasized enough is sound money management. If you're on a losing streak, you certainly don't want to be betting more money in casino craps than you can actually afford. A good policy to follow is to restrict your maximum bet to no more than 2.5% of your total bankroll. That way you have a better chance of hanging in there and riding out losing streaks, which you will minimize anyway if you stick with the highest percentage plays and avoid the plays that have a huge edge (up to 17% in some cases).

When you play casino craps, one of the crucial things to understand is that "the dice have no memory." Surely you've heard that before, in online craps or casino craps, and it's true. In online craps, rolls of the dice are "independent trials," meaning when you play craps online, every roll is independent of every other roll. There are no "cards" taken out of play, as they are in blackjack, which would affect the odds on every hand. You could see a six rolled on three consecutive occasions and it would not decrease the odds of that same number coming out again on the next roll. So if there is a useful tip we can leave you with as you play casino craps, it's not to waste time keeping track of those numbers. It doesn't really matter.

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