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Golden Cherry Casino Winners

By: Devon Eleven, Saturday May 19th 2012

One of the great things about online gaming is the fact that you can win a lot of money in a relatively short period of time, and have a lot of fun while doing it. That's why there is a great deal of excitement one can share with the latest big casino winners at Golden Cherry Casino. 

One trend that has been noticeable is that there have been more and more big winners at Golden Cherry, and that reached new levels in the month of April. 

Coming out of the United States, Judy M., in her first month of playing at the USA online casino, has made it very much worth her while, as she won a little over $34,000. You would usually think someone who made a score like that would have done it with one large jackpot victory, but Judy must have some real talent and flair for evaluating the odds, because she spread her bankroll building over five separate wins, and that is most definitely an exception to the rule. Her favorite game is Milk the Cash Cow, which would be appropriately named if it was the only online slot game she played, but she actually enjoys several other Golden Cherry Casino slots.  Sometimes the savvy player chooses to exercise some diversification in terms of game play, with the rationale that to hit one game too much may not bring results.  

There are other players who obviously don't feel the same way. One of them was another big winner at Golden Cherry Casino.  Identified as Adrienne D., she won over $12,000 in April. She undertakes a different approach to Judy M., which is to concentrate her efforts on one game, and it just so happens that Gold Rush, which uses a Wild West theme, is the one she has mastered. In this case, the game really WOULD appear to have the appropriate name, wouldn't it? 

This would seem to serve as evidence that there is more than one way to come out a big winner.  One of the players who could offer a few lessons in that regard is Yvonne V., who is listed as one of the all-time biggest winners at Golden Cherry. It was perhaps no surprise that she was able to do very well in April, taking down $13,550. There's no official total on how much money she has won at Golden Cherry Casino, but you can rest assured that whatever it is, she has supplemented it nicely over the years with the generous Golden Cherry casino bonuses that are available.  That, of course, is always a good way for a player to add value to what he or she is doing, and few people are able to do it as well as Yvonne does. There is no question that if the casino had a Hall of Fame, she would be a part of it. 

Can these top players keep their winning streaks going? That will be interesting to see, but for now, congratulations to all of these Golden Cherry Casino winners.

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