Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot
Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot Casino Game
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    Realtime Gaming
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    1.0 Very low
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Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot is a Video Poker game offered by Realtime Gaming games provider.

This game also has a progressive feature, which allows you to participate in big jackpots with many players from around the world contributing to it.

Caribbean Stud Poker game is a typical 5-card stud poker game that has a sizable progressive jackpot and can be played at RTG online casinos. This RTG Caribbean Stud Poker game has a progressive jackpot that is shared by its sister games Caribbean Holdem Poker and Caribbean Draw Poker. making the progressive jackpot grow at a much quicker rate than if it were an independent, local jackpot. All you have to do is slide in a coin and you have the chance to win the major Caribbean Stud Progressive Jackpot.

### How to Play RTG Caribbean Stud Poker

First, you are dealt out 5 cards, face up, when playing Caribbean Stud Poker and the dealer will also get 5 cards with 4 cards dealt face down and 1 dealt face up. The main goal when you play Caribbean Stud Poker is to get a higher poker hand than the dealer. You have a choice to:

- **Bet**: to place a wager you have to click on the chip value that you want to bet.

- **Dea**l: to begin the game press Deal when you have made your bet. . You will be dealt 5 cards face up and the Dealer is dealt 4 cards face down and 1 face up.

- **Raise**: if you think that you can beat the Dealer, then click Raise to continue. The Raise amount will be double the amount of the Ante. The Dealers cards are then shown and compared to your hand to see who is the winner.

- **Fold**: clicking the Fold button ends the game and you will sacrifice the bet.

In RTG Caribbean Stud Poker you will place your Anti, which is your first wager, be dealt a hand, and then you will make a decision if you want to play against the dealer with the hand you have. Remember, one of the Dealers cards will be dealt face up and because of this you have to make a choice on the showing card as well as the hand that you are dealt.

If you think that your hand will not beat the Dealers hand then you can just Fold. If you do Fold you will lose your Ante. To play against the dealer to try to win your bet, you will have to double the amount of the Ante, which you can do by clicking Raise.

To win the hand you will not only have to beat the hand of the Dealer, but the Dealer also has to qualify. For the Dealer to qualify they must have a hand that has at least an Ace and a King or better. If the Dealer has a non-qualifying hand you will be paid out 1:1 on the Ante you have up and your Raise will be given back to you and it will be a Push.

If the hand that you have beats the hand of the Dealer and if the Dealer has qualified you will be paid out the Ante as well as the Raise. The Ante payout will be 1:1. Your bet payout will be determined by how good your hand is (you can check out the Payouts below). If it is the case that the Dealer has a better hand than you do you will lose your Ante as well as the bet you made. If you and the Dealer have the exact same hand the next highest called, which is called the kicker, will show who won the hand.

There is a great Progressive Jackpot when you play Caribbean Stud Poker from RTG and a supplementary wager will make it so you can win part of the jackpot or the entire jackpot. The payout of the jackpot will depend on how strong your poker hand is. In order to play the Progressive Jackpot you will have to click on the Coin Slot before you click on the Deal button. When you make a progressive jackpot wager the Coin Slot will light up and to remove the bet you simply have to click the Coin Slot one more time.

At any RTG online casino you have the opportunity to play the Caribbean Stub Poker Progressive Jackpot. Above, we show a list of recommended Internet casinos that are powered by RTG. We hope Lady Luck is on your side!

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