Caribbean Draw Poker
Caribbean Draw Poker Casino Game
  • Software:
    Realtime Gaming

Caribbean Draw Poker is a Video Poker game offered by Realtime Gaming games provider.

Caribbean Draw Poker is a simple casino poker game where you will be playing against the dealer and whoever has the best 5-card poker hand will win. This RTG casino jackpot is quickly becoming a player favorite.

First you will make an initial bet, called the ante, and also, you can make a $1 bet in the special coin slot in order to be qualified for the progressive jackpot. When you make an ante and you are ready to play the hand you simply press the Deal button to start the hand.

Just like in a draw poker game, but unlike Caribbean Stud Poker the cards will be dealt between you and the dealer rather than 5 in a row. Just like Caribbean Stud the dealer will have just one card. Now you can choose 2 cards, but you do not have to pick any cards and it will not cost you any money to get the cards. Before you get the cards that you want to get you have to see if you want to bet the hand you have getting more cards or fold the hand you have and lose the ante. If you make a call and want to bet the hand you have wager 2x the ante.

In Caribbean Draw Poker after you get your cards the dealer will then show their hand and the dealer takes 2 cards in order to improve their hand. Now if you are both in the hand you will show your hands and the best 5-card poker hand will win the pot.

One big difference between Caribbean Draw Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker is that the dealer has to have a pair of 8s or better in order to qualify to be in the hand. If they do not qualify for the hand you will win the ante and if you make a call bet you will get that back.

The betting payout for Caribbean Draw and rules for the progressive jackpot payouts are the same as Caribbean HoldEm. In the game if you have any hand less than a flush the payout will be 1:1. A flush pays out 2:1, a full house will pay out 3:1, 4 of a kind will pay out 4:1, a straight flush has a payout of 20:1, and the big daddy of a royal flush has a payout of 100:1.

In Caribbean Draw you have the chance to win the progressive jackpot and it does not matter if the dealer does not qualify or the dealer has a better hand than yours. You need to know that when you bet on the progressive jackpot only will pay you out if your are dealt a flush or anything better without drawing any more additional cards. This is just like Caribbean Stud Poker, as the 5 cards will determine if you have won the jackpot or not. If you need to draw more cards to improve your hand you will not win any money on the progressive jackpot unless you get 4 of a kind.

Caribbean Draw Poker progressive payouts:

\- Royal Flush - 100percent of the jackpot

\- Straight Flush - 10percent of the jackpot

\- 4 of a Kind - $500

\- Full House - $100

\- Flush - $75

You can play Caribbean Draw Poker and win big with this progressive jackpot game at any RTG online casino. It's an easy progressive poker game to play and win.

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