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Blackjack Rules for Beginners

By: Devon Eleven, 07/27/2012

When you play blackjack, you are engaging in something that is not automatic. In other words, it is not like a slot game where you place a bet and click the "Spin" button, or a roulette game, where you have nothing to do with what the final result is. 

If you sit down at the table for the first time, you might find that some things are confusing and intimidating. When it comes to playing your hands, there might also be an intimidation factor, since there are different ways you can go on each hand. 

It doesn't have to be that way at all. 

When you are starting to play blackjack, it makes a lot of sense to know what to do and how to do it. The first thing you want to consider is how the decisions are actually made. When you're in the brick and mortar setting, this is probably a little more important. 

Learn how to make the signals for hitting, standing, doubling and splitting. For example, when you want to hit, you will take the cards (in a face-down game) and brush them toward you, as if to say, "Bring 'em on." When you are in the face-up game, you can make that same gesture with your hand. When you are standing, you can just place your two-card hand under the chip or chips in the betting square and the dealer will know exactly what you are doing. In the face-up game, you simply wave away any further action. 

When you're starting to play blackjack, you also need to know about the other options. For doubling, you can put a wager equal to that which you originally wagered, and you'll get a card face-down. If you are in the face-down situation, you can turn the cards up and get one card face-down. When you wish to split a hand up, you can separate the cards you have, and take one hit to the first split hand. Then you will play that hand out. When that process is complete, you'll play the other part of the split hand. 

A dealer will ask the players if they want to take insurance at the appropriate time; that is, when there is an Ace (or in some cases a ten) showing. Your decision at that point is whether to put half of your original wager in front of you to do the insurance bet. 

So now that you know how to call for the various decisions, you should know what those decisions are. It is a necessary part of a blackjack beginners strategy that a Basic Strategy be learned and implemented. This will give you the guideline as to which decisions to make when it comes down to every situation you'll face. If you really want to know how to get off on the right foot, you have to memorize it, practice it, and play it without mistakes. 

And as you are playing, come to an understanding of what the proper payouts are. When you are dealt a two-card 21 (also known as a "natural"), you are to be paid 3-to-2. When you take insurance and win that particular bet, it pays at 2-to-1. When you're starting to play blackjack, these are the kinds of things you need to know. 


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