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Online Baccarat Strategy

In online baccarat, the first thing you have to do is know the rules. And they can be complex, although in the baccarat casino the only role of the player (you) is to choose how much to bet and who to bet that wager on - the Player or Banker. What's most important to understand is that winning bets on the Player or the Banker pay off at even money, and any successful bets made on ties will pay off at 8-to-1 odds. The house does not carry a big edge in baccarat, so it's not a bad game to play. In fact, we can break it down, and although the odds will be slightly different depending on the rules of the game in each location, these are good "ballpark" figures to go by. If you bet on the "Player" hand, the house edge is generally less than 1.5%. If you wager on the Banker hand, you are actually operating with about a 1.35% edge of your own. And even when you factor in the 5% commission that must be paid to the house on wagers won betting on the Banker hand, you are at less than a 1.2% disadvantage. The worst bets in the house - the ones you should avoid if possible - are the bets on "ties." The odds against a tie are about 9.5-to-1, but the wager only pays off at 8-to-1 odds. The edge for the house is 14%.

So in online baccarat, there is indeed a best percentage bet. Betting on the Banker's hand is the best way to go in the baccarat casino. Remember that in online baccarat, the players at the table don't really have any other decisions to make except who to place the bet on in the baccarat casino setting. So obviously, the decision on which side to back is the most critical. Baccarat players like to keep track of the hands and results. Depending on the software, you may be able to track some of the results as well. It is not all that unusual for players to apply something of a common sense theory based on the law of averages. For example, if the Banker goes on a run, winning seven out of eight hands, you may think the odds are in favor of the Player on the next series of hands, on the basis that everything "evens" itself out. But by the rules which require random shuffling and dealing, and the way the values are interpreted, there really is no advantage in betting this way.

In the baccarat casino, there are certain betting systems that can be employed, we suppose, but on the online baccarat environment, where you are the only one at the table, it becomes more difficult to step back and observe, then wait for a run, at which point you'll jump in. One of the betting schemes that is popular among online baccarat players is the "Martingale," in which you would double the bet after each loss, then go back to the original bet after winning, then keep it there until you lose again, and continue that cycle in the baccarat casino. The one thing you have to hope for is that you will not exceed the house betting limit. And believe me, it doesn't have to take you long to get there. While we describe the betting system to you, we're not here to recommend that you employ it. Smart money management and high-percentage bets will be the best way to get more out of the game, and have a chance at winning.

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